The whole essence of the technique lies in the name itself - nuru means "slippery, smooth" from Japanese. The program implies a complete absence of clothes on both partners. The masseuse applies a miracle gel to most of her body, so that the skin becomes even smoother, tender and glides well like silk. 

One in 10 men and a significant number of women (one third of young and middle-aged women and one half of mature women) suffer from sexual problems. These problems include inability to orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful sex and loss of sexual drive. These issues can make it very difficult for people to sustain a healthy and positive relationship, because no matter what we say, sex is a vital part of a relationship. A outcall Japanese nuru massage is a great alternative style of sex therapy. It uses a variety of gentle, sensual techniques that are designed to softly encourage arousal. Plus, many people find the skin-to-skin contact extremely comforting. 

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Outcall Japanese nuru massage is so arousing, orgasms are inevitable. When you orgasm, your body releases hormones that work to calm your mind, reduce anxiety and stabilise your mood – characteristics that could affect your sleep. The pleasure and orgasm caused by outcall Japanese nuru massage leave you so drained of stress that you’ll find yourself sleeping more soundly than you ever have.

Nuru massage can help with urinary and prostate problems

An outcall Japanese Nuru massage produces such deep and powerful orgasms that you are left drained of any blocked fluids. This can help flush you of the fluids that were causing your urinary and/or prostate problems.


1. Are the photos of the girls on the site real? Yes, all the photos on the site are real and belong to the girls who work for us now. 

2. How can you choose a girl for an erotic relaxation session? You can choose a girl from a portfolio on our website, finding out which programs each performs.

3. At what point does the session start counting down? The countdown starts from the moment when the master starts the massage procedure. 

4. And if I can't resist and want more from the master? On the program, you can achieve a happy ending. But we do not provide sex services.

5. Can I wash the girl in the shower/bathroom? Water treatments are welcome in our salon. You can spend time in the shower with our beauties! 

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